• A maximum of two exhibitors is permitted per exhibit. If exhibitors are from different schools, then only one of their schools may be nominated on the entry form.
  • Any exhibit that wins a prize may not be re-entered the following year unless it has been substantially changed.
  • Each student may be entered for one exhibit only.
  • Each exhibit must be displayed on a display board no larger than 1.0 m high, 0.50 m deep and 1.00 m wide when set up for display. It must be self-supporting and not attached to the table or walls. Display space is limited, so please respect these regulations.
  • Exhibitors must be present throughout the judging period. Unattended exhibits will not be judged.
  • Sound systems and games played on computers are not permitted unless they are an essential part of an exhibit.
  • Exhibitors need not be present when the Fair is open to the public.
  • No part of any exhibit may be removed before the Fair closes at 7:30pm Thursday unless permission has been granted by the Organising Committee. Exhibits not removed by 8.00 pm Thursday may be disposed of unless prior arrangements have been made with the Organising Committee.
  • Exhibitors who are awarded prizes are expected to attend the Prize-giving - 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Thursday. A full list of Prize Winners will be posted on our website after Prize Giving. A list of Prize Winners from each school will be able to be accessed on this website on Thursday morning, using the school’s login. If a prize winner cannot attend, then the Organising Committee must be notified by email.
  • The Organising Committee retains the right to announce and publish information supplied by the entrants if their exhibit is awarded a prize. Otherwise information supplied by the entrants will remain confidential.
  • Valuable Equipment: The Organisers accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of any part of an exhibit. If an exhibit includes valuable equipment, then permission for the removal of such equipment after judging may be granted by the Organising Committee. Exhibitors should arrange their own insurance to cover the valuable equipment both during the Fair and while it is being transported.
  • Explosives are prohibited. Dangerous chemicals may be used only with the consent of the Organising Committee. Ask your teacher first, and check with an official on judging day.
  • An electrical hot plate, heating mantle or similar device should produce any heat required. Small burners may be used with permission: check with an official on judging day.
  • Mains electricity (240V AC) will be supplied to any commercially made equipment that is safe, providing that the entrant has a power cord about 3 metres long. Any unsafe electrical devices will not be allowed. If circuits in the exhibit contain voltages greater than 12V AC or DC they must be labelled and safe.
  • Water may be used. The nearest taps are in the kitchens and toilets. Exhibitors will have to arrange a reservoir and collection system.
  • Small animals may be part of an exhibit provided they are adequately housed, fed and watered by the exhibitor.

Ethics Approval

  • Ethics Approval, from a recognised animal ethics committee, is required if your project involves using live animals. “Animal” means any living member of the Animal Kingdom that is a mammal (excluding humans), bird, fish, reptile, amphibian, octopus, squid, crab or crayfish.
    Make sure you have applied for Ethics Approval, if necessary, BEFORE you start your project. This must be attached to your log book. For Animal Ethics Approval information and application forms go to:

Exhibits will not be accepted for judging if they do not include ethics approval.

  • For Guidelines for the use of humans in experiments and research go to: The link to “Ethical Practice When Doing Research with Humans: Guidelines for Students and their Supervising Teachers”, published in 2009, provides very useful advice on best practice. Our judges will be looking for evidence of this in student exhibits.

DISCLAIMER: The Sanford Science and Technology Fair Committee:

Does not accept any responsibility for human or animal misfortune as a consequence of involvement in the Fair.

Does not necessarily support the reported conclusions when product testing preferences, or other findings are identified. No responsibility for product testing implications will be accepted.