Prize Winners 2016

Below is the full list of prize winners for 2016. Congratulations to you all.

Year 7 Individual
Gold  Scott Gregan Waihi School
Gold  Jessica Vogel Craighead Diocesan School
Silver  Henry Hobbs St Joseph's Ashburton
Silver  Ella Skinner Ashburton Intermediate
Silver  Samuel Wilson Waihi School
Silver  Isla Young Craighead Diocesan School
Silver  Jesse Martin Ashburton Borough School
Bronze  Zane Cameron Ashburton Intermediate
Bronze  Mark van de Klundert St Joseph's Ashburton
Bronze  Mya Johnston Ashburton Intermediate
Bronze  William Loe Weston

Year 7 Team
Gold  Rachel Lee  Maddie de Joux  St Joseph's School Timaru
Gold  Taylar Keene  Kaylee Swan  Ashburton Borough School
Silver  Ashley Bryant  Glena PradoHinds
Bronze  Phoebe Dutton  Emily-Jane Clucas  Craighead Diocesan School
Bronze  Grace Richan  Henrietta Harford  Ashburton Borough School
Bronze  Madisyn Rawson  Holly Harvey  Weston

Year 8 Individual
Gold  Ashley Earl-Goulet Timaru Christian School
Gold  Heidi Vogel Craighead Diocesan School
Silver  Keertthana Ranjini Kanth Hinds
Silver  Samantha Hood Ashburton Intermediate
Silver  Dominic Coleman Barton Rural Primary
Bronze  Reggie Fleming St Andrews Primary school
Bronze  Sara Harris Hinds
Bronze  Aidan Watt Ashburton Intermediate
Bronze  Sam Smith Ashburton Intermediate
Bronze  Madi Leak Ashburton Intermediate
Bronze Emma Miron Craighead Diocesan School
Bronze  Cameron Prendergast St Joseph's Ashburton

Year 8 Team
Gold  Ava Young Lucy MacDonaldSt Joseph's School Timaru
Silver  Brad Isherwood  Isaac Simpson  Hinds
Silver  Sarah Clearwater  Justus Epp  Home School
Silver  Emily Lake  Emma Rowley  Geraldine High School
Bronze  Robert Furrer  Graeme Campbell  Geraldine High School
Bronze  Cade Flett  Riley Welsh  Weston
Bronze  Jorja Kitching  Tegan Buckley  Barton Rural Primary

Year 9 and 10 Individual
Gold  Jac Paterson Home School
Silver  Georgia Prosser TGHS
Bronze  Jessica Marshall Roncalli College
Bronze  Brie Wright Timaru Girls'
Bronze  Alice Barker Roncalli College
Bronze  Jessica Townshend Craighead Diocesan School

Year 9 and 10 Team
Gold  David Pribis Theo Jones  Roncalli College
Silver  Cadell Tompkinson  Bailey LissingtonTBHS
Bronze  Joshua Earnshaw  Mackenzie AnnettTBHS
Bronze  Zoe Ross  Isy WilsonTGHS
Bronze  Peter Rawlins  Joshua O'NeillTBHS
Bronze  Anne Maree Bendsen  Sian BoaseGeraldine High School
Bronze  Tanya Smith  Liam Harding  Mountainview High School
Bronze  Liam Parker James DavidsonTBHS

Year 11, 12 & 13 Individual
Gold  Sophie Westgarth Craighead Diocesan School
Gold  Tim Currie TBHS
Silver  Kit Sadler TBHS
Silver  Max Paterson Home School
Bronze  Alexis Townshend Craighead Diocesan School
Bronze  Hanna Devries Craighead Diocesan School

Gold  Rosie Gray Longbeach School
Bronze  Quinn Claridge Geraldine High School
Bronze  Holly Bamber Craighead Diocesan School
Bronze  Emily Milner Ashburton Intermediate

Gold  Kathryn Waller Craighead Diocesan School
Gold  Thomas Newman Mountainview High School
Silver  Anthony Sutherland Mountainview High School
Bronze  Alice Bird Craighead Diocesan School
Bronze  Emilie Agnew Craighead school

Environment Canterbury
1st equal  Jessica Vogel Craighead Diocesan School
1st equal  Ava Young  Lucy MacDonald  St Joseph's School Timaru
2nd  Ashley Earl-Goulet Timaru Christian School
3rd equal  Dominic Coleman Barton Rural Primary
3rd equal  Pieta Prouting Craighead Diocesan School
3rd  Issac Davies  Alec WhitticaseTBHS
NOTE: No First or Second Prize awarded in the Senior ECAN category


CAREX - Freshwater Related Project
Jessica Vogel Craighead Diocesan School

NZ Society of Soil Science - Soil Science Theme
Ollie Richards  Patrick Divan St Joseph's School Timaru

NZ Statistical Association - Best use of Statistics
Ava Young  Lucy MacDonald St Joseph's School Timaru

Committee Prizes
Ollie Richards  Patrick Divan  St Joseph's School Timaru
Joshua Gallagher  Raoul Priest  St Joseph's School Timaru
Holly Spivey Oamaru Intermediate School

Sanford  - Salt Water Prize
Jessica Marshall Roncalli College

Barkers - Best use of Food Material
Ella Skinner Ashburton Intermediate
Lucy Steinmann St Joseph's Temuka
Brodie Winstone Ashburton Intermediate

Baking Industry Research Trust - Best Use of Flour
Mya Johnston Ashburton Intermediate

Lincoln University - Feed the World, Protect the Future, Live Well
Scott Gregan Waihi School
Ava YoungLucy MacDonaldSt Joseph's School Timaru
Hannah LysaghtKate GardSt Joseph's School Timaru
Peter RawlinsJoshua O'NeillTBHS
Hamish Dunbar TBHS
Kit Sadler TBHS
Megan Williams Mountainview High School

Canterbury Univeristy - Emerging Scientists
Hanna Devries Craighead Diocesan School
Scott Gregan Waihi School
Holly Bamber Craighead Diocesan School

Otago University - Hands On Science
Tim Currie TBHS

1st  Sophie Westgarth Craighead Diocesan School
2nd  Tim Currie TBHS
3rd  Max Paterson Home School

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